Gaspar Carvalho, successful cashew farmer in Gilé

February 2016

At the end of a MozaCajú training that closed with a Cost Benefit Analysis (using a real example), Gaspar Carvalho very humbly shared his experience and achievements obtained from his cashew farm. He already knew that his current yield of 3.2 kg / plant was quite low compared to other plantations. But he admitted that the MozaCajú training he had just received had enlightened him as to some of the reasons why - and ways he could improve. He stated his commitment to spraying the chemical application at the right times and using the correct dosage with proper handling by the applicator.

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Durante a realização de treinamento sobre colheita e pós colheita e comercialização da castanha de caju por todos os locais onde o projecto MozaCajú está a operar, encontramos o produtor Gaspar Carvalho, residente na localidade de Mamala, distrito de Gilé, provincia da Zambézia que se destacou ao apresentar as suas actividades, registo de despesas e entradas.  Na análise de benéfico & Custo pela sua organização, foi usado como exemplo o Sr. Gaspar, muito humildemente, compartilhou a sua experiência e lucros obtidos a partir do seu cajual.

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Agostinho Abudo, successful cashew farmer from Mucojo

February 2016

This time we have a story about Agostinho Abudo who lives in Nacutuco, some 5 km from Mucojo Sede. This year he has harvested 10 bags or 900 kg of cashew nuts and has sold them all for a price of 30Mts/kg, and he is still harvesting from his farm. Furthermore he noted, "The cashew fruits were sweeter and the nuts were heavier and larger. It was like in those earlier times when there was no Oidium disease yet." What had made these possible?

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MozaCajú featured by US Government's Feed the Future

February 2016

MozaCajú was featured in the United States government Feed the Future monthly newsletter for January 2016:

"Given the global demand for cashews, Feed the Future, through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), has invested $18 million in modernizing the Mozambican cashew sector in an effort to reconnect farmers to the global market. With cashews accounting for two-thirds of U.S. shelled tree-nut imports, the USDA Food for Progress Program has fostered buyer-seller relationships with major retailers and trading companies like Red River Foods, Inc. (based in Virginia), Costco (based in Washington), and Whole Foods (based in Texas). The Food for Progress program, titled MozaCajú, works with all seven major cashew processors in northern Mozambique to meet industry standards for food safety and traceability and to obtain certifications in organic and fair trade."

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TechnoServe analysis of the Competitiveness of the Mozambican Cashew Industry

February 2016

In September 2015, TechnoServe Mozambique published an analysis of the Mozambican Cashew Industry, which described the history, current key players in the private and public sector, and a brief evaluation of the policies that regulate the industry.

The analysis is detailed in a report that focuses on mapping out the costs of cashew processing in Mozambique and benchmarking the competitiveness of the industry. This includes analysis of key issues that the Mozambican farmers and processors face and revisions to the industry’s revenues, costs and profitability from farmer through primary processing and export. The analysis also indicates key gaps or weaknesses in the Mozambican sector, ultimately recommending priorities to be implemented by AICAJU with assistance from TechnoServe.

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Mozambican firm eyes 41,000 tons processed cashew output

November 2015

The chairman of the Cashew Industry Association (Aicaju), Mohammed Yunus Abdul Gaffar has said the country’s cashew processing companies will process 41,500 tons of nuts by the end of the year, a 66 percent increase compared to the 25,000 tons processed in 2014, APA can report on Friday.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the 2015/2016 cashew sales campaign, an event that took place in Muecate district, Nampula province, Gaffar said he expected the cashew campaign to be good, which was the basis for growth of the processing industry.

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Condor Nuts of Mozambique is certified to export cashew nuts to the US, Europe and Africa

November 2015

Cashew processing company, Condor Nuts, based in Nampula, Mozambique, has just received an international certificate allowing it to export cashew nuts to the USA, Europe and Africa, according to Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias.

The certification was provided by the African Cashew Alliance (ACA), an organization that coordinates the cashew industry’s actions.

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A different approach to spurring farmer investment

Teotonio Pereira (center left, in a gray striped shirt) and other representatives from local cashew-growing associations who joined our presentation of the MozaCajú grants program

Teotonio Pereira (center left, in a gray striped shirt) and other representatives from local cashew-growing associations who joined our presentation of the MozaCajú grants program

June 2015

“I have two wives,” he said—in English, surprisingly—then burst into laughter.  That was the only English I exchanged with Teotonio Pereira from Uala.  Continuing in Portuguese, I clarified that Teotonio does not actually have two wives, but he so frequently travels the several hours journey between his farms that it sometimes feels like it.  

Teotonio is one among dozens of large cashew producers we met with as part of a three-week trip around Mozambique’s Zambezia, Nampula, and Cabo Delgado provinces to launch the MozaCajú grants program.

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Mozambique to host the African Cashew Alliance (ACA) World Cashew Festival and Expo in 2015

March 2015

The African Cashew Alliance's 9th annual World Cashew Festival & Expo will take place on the beautiful south-eastern coast of Africa in Maputo, Mozambique on September 21- 24, 2015.

For more information about the event and the importance of Mozambique in the African cashew industry on please see the event's official website.

African Cashew company Sunshine lands major retailers Giant and Whole Foods

December 2014

Three years ago MozaCajú partner, Don Larson, moved to Mozambique to pursue his dream of what a socially responsible company could be.  Mozambican cashews from his company, Sunshine, are now available in Ahold USA’s grocery stores, which include the Giant, Giant Eagle, Martin’s, and Stop & Shop brands.  As of January 2015, Sunshine cashews will be available in 150- 200 Whole Foods Markets, mainly along the East Coast of the United States.

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