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Conference presentations

Here you will find the presentations from the Mozambican Cashew Conference 2017.

Jim Fitzpatrick's keynote speech: Outlook and Opportunity | World Cashew Market

Daria Gage: MozaCajú Lessons Learned


 Shakti Pal: Overview

Américo Uaciquete: Aumento da Producao do caju em em Mocambique

Peter Masawe: Successes in Cashew Production in Tanzania and Cashew Input Supply in Tanzania

Altair Maia: A cultura do caju no Brasil

Panfilo Tabora: 3 Years of Test-runs on the Biospray in Mozambique – Benefits and Costs


Director Adama Coulibaly: Réforme filière Anacarde en Côte d'Ivoire

Auckland Kuteya: Lessons Learnt from Implementation of E-voucher Pilot in Zambia

Norberto Mahalambe: Apresentação do estágio da formulação do regulamento do caju