MozaCajú Publications

Field Manual | Manual do Campo

This manual, which acts as the foundation for each of the various MozaCajú trainings that are given to cashew producers, details the actions required at various stages of production, including planting, cleaning and pruning, chemical control of pests and disease, harvest and post-harvest and commercialization.

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Cashew Nuts Recipe book

Download the cookbook in English and Portuguese.

Mozambican Cashew Industry Analysis

This 2016 report gives an overview of the global market context for the cashew industry along with the strategic context for Mozambican cashew, including an analysis of its competitiveness and value chain.  The report finishes with recommendations for seven key interventions for the Mozambican sector including actions for a variety of stakeholders from government to NGO to private sector.

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Cashew consumption and nutrition in cashew producing communities

This 2016 report details the findings of a cashew consumption and nutrition study that was conducted in order to inform an intervention to promote the domestic consumption of the cashew nut as a nutritious product in cashew producing communities.

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Competitiveness of the Mozambican Cashew Industry

This report describes the history of the Mozambican Cashew Industry, current key players in the private and public sector, and a brief evaluation of the policies that regulate the industry.  The report focuses on mapping out the costs of cashew processing in Mozambique and benchmarking the competitiveness of the industry. It includes analysis of key issues that the Mozambican farmers and processors face, ultimately recommending priorities to be implemented by AICAJU with assistance from TechnoServe.

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Strategy for Organic Certification of Cashew in Northern Mozambique

The strategy contained in this document is a suggestion for how to organize cashew farmers and processors into a certifiably organic supply chain. It is meant as a starting place from which MozaCajú can begin the process of recruiting farmers, identifying an appropriate processor and gathering all those parts into an Internal Control System. Information contained in this strategy comes primarily from conversations with stakeholders in the cashew sector as well as documents describing the state of the cashew sector in Northern Mozambique.

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