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Mozambique's ideal growing conditions and strong local processing sector make the country uniquely well-positioned to become one of the most competitive global providers of traceable, sustainable, high-quality cashew. 

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Building on Mozambique's long-standing reputation as one of the world's best and most prolific producers of cashews, new technologies and improved management systems for production and processing are increasing the quantity, quality, and value of Mozambican cashew kernel available for sale on the international market.

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Transparent systems for efficient supply chain management in the Mozambican cashew industry allow retailers and final consumers to know where cashews come from and how they are handled during their journey from farm to table. This important information also facilitates a range of quality-assuring certifications, including food safety and organic. 

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Grant Funding Opportunity

MozaCajú is soliciting grant applications/business proposals from cashew processors, large-scale producers and other organizations involved in the Mozambique cashew industry for the procurement of equipment, infrastructural improvements or other materials and activities. In addition to other requirements, applicants must be registered Mozambican businesses operating in the cashew industry and prepared to contribute some of their own resources as part of the grant. For more details, please read the Request for Applications (RFA) and the associated attachments.

Download the Request for Applications (RFA).  Please also download and complete the annexes:  the grant application templateapplication budget formatand financial viability template.  

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Against the backdrop of changing demands in the international market for cashews, MozaCajú supports the expansion of the Mozambican cashew industry in a way that allows producers and processors to meet the requirements and preferences of buyers. With targeted interventions in the areas of production, processing, and marketing, MozaCajú is working toward a more productive, efficient, and transparent cashew value chain, which will allow Mozambique to harness the growing global market demand for premium cashew kernel.

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